Portfolio Category: Research

BARMER Bonus Program

Project: BARMER Bonus Program Year: 2022-2024 Description: Expansion and further development of the bonus program, which is part of the BARMER app, a mobile application of the German health insurance company BARMER. Responsibilities: Design Lead, Research, Interaction Design, Prototyping, Usabilty Testing The BARMER Bonus Program rewards policyholders for health-conscious behavior and participation in preventive health […]

Redesign Perioperative Software

Project: Redesign Perioperative Software (Case study) Year: 2021 Description: Redesign of CX Prime, a platform to support the full perioperative workflow, from the induction of anesthesia to post-operative care. Responsibilities: Design Lead, Research, Interaction Design, Visual Design, Prototyping  Shortly after I joined careyntax GmbH in 2017, I started evaluating qvident and CX Prime. In 2018 I […]

Redesign Surgical Content Management Platform

Project: Redesign Surgical Content Management Platform Year: 2020 Description: Redesign of qvident, a web based content management platform for managing and reviewing recorded surgical data. Responsibilities: Design Lead, Research, Interaction Design, Prototyping, Testing, QA Link: https://caresyntax.com/qvident/ Image: Dashboard on desktop, tablet and mobile   STATUS QUO 2018 The two major software products in 2018 were […]

Coffee machine (Case study)

Project: Coffee Maschine (Case study) Year: 2016 Description: Design of an interface for a new type of shared coffee machine that is co-owned and used by multiple people. Responsibilities: Description of the design process, Interaction Design, Visual Design, Presenation The Task In 2016 I applied for a job at a very well known design company […]

Football Manager Game – Project Description

Project: Football Manager Game Year: 2014-2016 Description: The goal of this project was to create a casual Football Manager Game for mobile devices. During the two years I was the UX lead within the team responsible for research, interaction design, visual design, prototyping, testing and quality assurance (QA). Deliverables: Research, Interaction Design, Visual Design, Prototyping, Testing, QA Timeline Image: timeline of […]