BARMER Bonus Program

Design Lead, Interaction Design, Prototyping, Research, Testing

Project: BARMER Bonus Program
Year: 2022-2024
Description: Expansion and further development of the bonus program, which is part of the BARMER app, a mobile application of the German health insurance company BARMER.
Responsibilities: Design Lead, Research, Interaction Design, Prototyping, Usabilty Testing

The BARMER Bonus Program rewards policyholders for health-conscious behavior and participation in preventive health measures (e. g. health check-ups and cancer screenings, vaccinations, Membership in fitness studios, health courses). Policyholders who engage in these and other health-promoting activities can collect points, which can be redeemed for cash bonuses. The program aims to motivate policyholders to actively improve their health and thereby enhance their long-term well-being.

Redesign Bonus Dashboard

The first task after I joined the bonus program team at IBM iX in 2022 was to redesign the dashboard. The goal was to improve the understanding of the bonus program. The new dashboard shows the number of bonus points that the user can use to redeem a reward and points already used. It also contains a button to submit an activity to collect points and a button to redeem the collected points to receive a reward. Additionally the user can also see the total number of collected points and a history of all activities and rewards.


To ensure that potential users of the rewards program understand its purpose, it is important to show them how the rewards program works and what benefits it offers. Therefore, we created a new onboarding and landing page for those users who are not yet registered for the program. The landing page provides a short introduction. The CTA starts the registration process and the secondary button opens a modal with three onboarding screens for detailed information about the rewards program.

Improvement of user flows

In addition to the major changes we made, we have also improved almost all detail screens, added new features and optimized user flows. It was particularly important to us that we use components from the BARMER design system and interaction patterns that are also used in other areas of the BARMER app. To this end, we held regular exchange meetings with all designers in the BARMER cosmos to ensure that the design is consistent within the app.

Usability testing

To ensure that the changes we made to user flows and features improved the bonus program, we conducted regular usability tests (remotely and in person). My role was to create the prototypes and test guide, partially moderate the usability tests and evaluate the tests with the client.