Portfolio Category: Icon Design

Redesign Perioperative Software

Project: Redesign Perioperative Software (Case study) Year: 2021 Description: Redesign of CX Prime, a platform to support the full perioperative workflow, from the induction of anesthesia to post-operative care. Responsibilities: Design Lead, Research, Interaction Design, Visual Design, Prototyping  Shortly after I joined careyntax GmbH in 2017, I started evaluating qvident and CX Prime. In 2018 I […]

Coffee machine (Case study)

Project: Coffee Maschine (Case study) Year: 2016 Description: Design of an interface for a new type of shared coffee machine that is co-owned and used by multiple people. Responsibilities: Description of the design process, Interaction Design, Visual Design, Presenation The Task In 2016 I applied for a job at a very well known design company […]

Idle Game

Project: Idle Game Year: 2014 Description: During a game jam at Wooga my team and I created an idle game called „Brick Clicker“ for the Apple Watch. The development of the game from first ideas to a playable prototype took three days. My task was to create the interaction design and visual design for the game. Deliverables: Interaction Concept, Visual […]

Responsive Design Website

Project: Responsive Design Website (mobile.de) Year: 2013 Description: The goal of this project was to create a responsive design website for mobile.de which is Germany’s biggest online vehicle marketplace. In the beginning I made a design workshop with the client to define the new visual design vision for the website. Beside the design of the different pages I also created lots of […]

Delivery App

Project: Delivery App (Case Study) Year: 2013 Description: The goal of this case study was to create an interaction concept, a visual design and some exemple icons for a delivery app (iOS 7). Deliverables: Interaction Design, Visual Design, Icondesign Screen Design Image: menu overview (left), pizza menu (middle), pizza detail view (right) Interaction Design Image: user flow from […]

Responsive Design Website

Project: Responsive Design Website (Cardif) Year: 2014 Description: Based on an existing styleguide I created the visual design and icons for the new website of Cardif: Digital Life Protect Deliverables: Screen Design, Icon Design, Image Editing Link: http://www.digitallifeprotect.de/ Image: product overview view Image: product detail view of desktop (left) and mobile (right) Image: icons from different screens  


Project: Glucometer Year: 2011 Description: The goal of this project was to create product designs for a glucometer. After going through several sketching rounds on paper I built 3-D-models with Rhino and exported them by using the Rhino plug-in Flamingo. Afterwards I reworked the renderings with Photoshop. Beside that I also created some hand-drawn illustrations to showcase the […]

Eye Surgery System

Project: Eye Surgery System Year: 2010 Description: The goal of this project was to create a visual design for an eye surgery system which also fits the product design of the operation unit. Deliverables: Visual Design (Screen Design, Icon Design) Link: http://ruck-gmbh.de/informationen-fuer-aerzte/produkte/katarakt/geraete/quber/?L=0 Image: operation view (left), operation unit (right) Image: system check view (top left), error report view (top right), operator selection view […]