Icon Design, Industrial Design, Screen Design, Scribbles, Visual Design

Project: Glucometer
Year: 2011
Description: The goal of this project was to create product designs for a glucometer. After going through several sketching rounds on paper I built 3-D-models with Rhino and exported them by using the Rhino plug-in Flamingo. Afterwards I reworked the renderings with Photoshop. Beside that I also created some hand-drawn illustrations to showcase the different options to activate the glucometer.
Deliverables: Product Design (Sketches, 3-D-Modelling, Illustration), Visual Design, Screen Design

Image: final versions (top view)


Image: final versions (perspective view)


Illustration – Activation of the glucometer
Image: activation of the glucometer via CD (left), activation of the glucometer via USB dongle (middle), activation of the glucometer via docking station (right)

First sketches

Image: sketches from the first ideation phase