Continuous Intraoral Medication

Illustration, Industrial Design, Scribbles

Project: Continuous Intraoral Medication
Year: 2011
Description: The goal of this project was to develop a telemedical system for remote drug delivery for the treatment of patients with Parkinson’s disease. The core element of the system is a cartridge called BuccalDose which is integrated into a partial denture. By delivering continuously liquid drugs directly to the buccal mucosa of the patient the drug level remains constant as long as possible which improves the patients‘ quality of life. The splash-proof system consists of a base station and an assistive tool. Both are designed to ensure an easy handling and to reduce the risk of operation errors. My task in this project was to develop the product design of the system
Deliverables: Product Design (Sketching, 3-D-Modelling, Rendering), Icon Design, Illustration

3-D Renderings

Image: final 3-d renderings of the base station and assistive tool (Rhino+VRay) 

Hand RenderingsContinuous Intraoral Medication_Content_01

Image: final hand renderings showing different views of the system

User FlowContinuous-Intraoral-Medication_Content_02

01. The icon for measurement is displayed on the base station and the patient removes the assistive tool.
02. The cartridge gets removed from the partial denture by magnetic pull.
03. The patient puts the assistive tool into the base station to readout the cartridge.
04. After sending the data the icon for garbage can is displayed on the base station and the patient pushes the eject button of the assistive tool to dispose of the cartridge.
05. Afterwards the patients takes a new cartridge out of the blister.
06. The icon for measurement is displayed and the patient puts the assistive tool back into the base station to readout the cartridge.
07. After a few seconds the tooth icon is displayed so the patient removes the assistive tool from the base station.
08. And finally the patient puts the new cartridge back into the partial denture. 


Image: scribbles from first ideation phase