Interactive Memory Terminal

Industrial Design, Scribbles

Project: Interactive Memory Terminal
Year: 2012
Description: The goal of this project was to create concepts for a memory tray that helps people suffering from dementia in their daily routine by means of memos and reminders on an interactive display. Important objects like front door keys or a wallet have an integrated RFID chip and can be placed on the huge shelf space of the tray. The tray itself has an integrated RFID reader. So if e.g. the front door keys are on the shelf space and the front door is opened the memory tray informs the user about this potentially critical situation. I created a modular concept so that the memory tray can be used as a mobile or stationary version.
Deliverables: Industrial Design (Sketches, 3-D-Modelling, Rendering)

Renderings (Rhino + VRay)
Images: mobile version (left), stationary version (right)

Image: scribbles from first ideation phase