Portfolio Category: Illustration

Redesign Perioperative Software

Project: Redesign Perioperative Software (Case study) Year: 2021 Description: Redesign of CX Prime, a platform to support the full perioperative workflow, from the induction of anesthesia to post-operative care. Responsibilities: Design Lead, Research, Interaction Design, Visual Design, Prototyping  Shortly after I joined careyntax GmbH in 2017, I started evaluating qvident and CX Prime. In 2018 I […]

Idle Game

Project: Idle Game Year: 2014 Description: During a game jam at Wooga my team and I created an idle game called „Brick Clicker“ for the Apple Watch. The development of the game from first ideas to a playable prototype took three days. My task was to create the interaction design and visual design for the game. Deliverables: Interaction Concept, Visual […]

Continuous Intraoral Medication

Project: Continuous Intraoral Medication Year: 2011 Description: The goal of this project was to develop a telemedical system for remote drug delivery for the treatment of patients with Parkinson’s disease. The core element of the system is a cartridge called BuccalDose which is integrated into a partial denture. By delivering continuously liquid drugs directly to the buccal mucosa of […]

Interactive Product Catalogue

Project: Interactive Product Catalogue Year: 2009 Description: The goal of this project was to create concepts for presenting the product offerings of Europe’s largest retailer of consumer electronics on the interactive table Microsoft PixelSense. I was responsible for interaction design (ideation, wireframing) and illustration. Deliverables: Interaction Design + Illustration Illustrations Image: scenario illustration (left), illustration of interactive table and vendor […]

Workshop: Sketching/Scribbling

Project: Workshop: Sketching/Scribbling Year: 2013 Description: While I was working at Useeds made a workshop about sketching/scribbling to show how to quickly bring ideas on paper. For that I created three short videos. The first video shows how to sketch an icon, the second video how to sketch a storyboard and the third video how to sketch […]

Respiration Mask

Project: Respiration Mask (Student Project – Diploma) Year: 2007 Description: The topic of this student project was to design a respiration mask. Deliverables: Industrial Design (Conception, 3-D-Modelling, Illustration) Renderings (Rhino + Cinema 4D) Image: Rhino renderings of the final respiration mask Details Image: single components of mask (left), detail view of filter including single components(right) Scribbles Image: scribbles of headbands

Tram Stop

Project: Tram Stop (Student Project, 7th semester) Year: 2006 Description: The topic of this student project was to design a local traffic tram stop system. Deliverables: Industrial Design (Conception, 3-D-Modelling, Illustration) Renderings (Rhino + Cinema 4D) Image: Final renderings (Cinema 4D) of the tram stop Scribbles Image: scribbles from first ideation phase